UPDATE (17 March 2016)

An Endorsements page has been added with various journals that have endorsed RECORD Statement. The Commentaries page has been augmented with post-publication documents.

16 October 2015

The PLOS Medicine article has been published and is currently online at PLoS Medicine.

14 August 2015

The RECORD explanatory document and checklist are currently in press at PLoS Medicine. The final checklist is now available on our website.

16 March 2015

The RECORD methods paper is under review at PLoS One. The main RECORD checklist and explanatory document are under final review with the steering and working committees. We anticipate submission for publication within the next month.

1 December 2014

We have completed the stakeholder feedback on the message board and are finalizing the RECORD checklist and explanatory document. We expect that these will be submitted for publication by March 2015.

29 January 2014

We currently have the draft phrasing of the items to be included in the RECORD statement complete. Through a forum, we are currently collecting comments from stakeholders in regards to the draft reporting guidelines.